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Matthys Johannes GeyserGeyser Family CrestMatthys Johannes Geyser

Name Matthyes Johannes Geyser

Matthys Johannes classified Possible Carrier becuase 3 of his descendants, Anton van Rooyen, Rory Craig Field and Scott Justin Field, Affected.


Birth 31 December 1873
Death 8 March 1954
Location Calitzdorp - Pretoria
Father Jacobus Johannes Stephanus Geyser
Mother Margaretha Hendrieka Susanna Olivier
Spouse Anna Magdalena Vorster
Child 1/11 Willem Stephanus Geyser
Child 9/11 Engela Johanna dorothea Geyser
Eye Condition Possibly affected by Stargardts Systrophy?
Generation# 5 Geneaological # a1b6c4d5e7