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Welcome to Family Faults.
My name is Anton van Rooyen and I am affected by a heredatary, degenarative retinal eye condition call Stargardts Dystrophy which causesgradual  cental vision loss from an early age.
I believe that relationships with close family members could trigger such  gene mutations causing inherited  genetic disorders in that family.
This site is based on my van Rooyen / Geyser family tree as my particular condition is prevelent in South African Afrikaner families. I am only showing direct ancestral lines which could have led to thee inheritance path. Highlighting individuals who are Affected, Carrier, Possible Carrier and those who married Related family members.
For more information on inheritance patterns please see ‘Genetics’.
This site is not limited to my condition or family tree, so please ‘Add a Person’ if you would like to contribute to this research.