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Name Gert Thomas van Rooyen

Gert thomas van Rooyen classified Possible Carrier because his grandson, Anton Leopold van Rooyen and grand daughter, Margaret Lynette Snyman, Affected. His parent Jan Abraham vanRooyen and Hester Jacomina Antoinette van Rooyen were Related.


Birth 26 October 1858
Death Unknown
Location Uniondale WC
Father Jan Abraham van Rooyen
Mother Hester Jacomina Antoinette van Rooyen
Spouse 2 Maria Agnes van Huyssteen
Child 13/14 Ignatius Leopoldus
Chield 14/14 Leonora Bertha van Rooyen
Eye Condition  
Generation# 7 Geneaological # a1b8c7d1e8f3